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Total population (millions)26.1
Life expectancy at birth (years)61.6
GDP per capita (PPP US$)1,420
Adult literacy rate (% age 15 and above)48.6
Combined primary, secondary and tertiary gross enrolment ratio (%)61

Children (under the age of 15) make up 44 per cent of Nepal's rapidly growing population. The population is evenly split between those that reside in the 'terai' (Plains) bordering India, with the remainder living in scattered settlements in the hills and mountains.

Poverty is impacting the lives of many in Nepal. Estimates indicate that just under half of the population are living below the poverty line. Nepal is also subject to frequent natural disasters (floods and landslides).

Problems for children and women are greater in the mid-western and far-western regions and in the mountains, where poverty is most acute. It is in these regions where services are the least accessible. Conflict in these areas has also hampered the delivery of basic social services and added to the poverty burden.

The most recent Human Development Report ranks Nepal at 136, with a low human development rating status. The Human Development Index (HDI) value is 0.526 compared to the HDI of the UK, which is 0.939.

WER works in Nepal with: CITTA and World Response.

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These are our current projects in NEPAL:

Reproductive Health and Medical Care

The Gaikur and Humla Projects are providing medical and reproductive health assistance and training to women in very remote areas of Nepal.

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Pharmacy & Medical care

The Gaikur project has established a pharmacy that is staffed by local people who are trained to deal with primary health care needs.

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The factual information on each of the countries has been published in the United Nations Human Development Report 2005. Please refer to this document for more comprehensive information.

The FCO also provides detailed country profiles, explaining the history and politics of each of the countries. (FCO web site)