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Total population (millions)151.8
Life expectancy at birth (years)63.0
GDP per capita (PPP US$)2,097
Adult literacy rate (% age 15 and above)48.7
Combined primary, secondary and tertiary gross enrolment ratio (%)35

Pakistan is four times the size of the UK. It shares its borders with four countries: India, China, Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan is confronted with continuing instability with its neighbouring countries. There continues to be tensions over relations with India due to the unresolved Kashmir issue.

Nearly one third of the country's 140 million people live in poverty. Women and children are most vulnerable, manifesting in low literacy levels, wide gaps between legislation and enforcement, and limited participation in civil society. The girl child is particularly in need of protection as she is subjected to violence and abuse, and has less access to education, proper nutrition and health services.

The most recent Human Development Report ranks Pakistan at 135, with a low human development rating status. The Human Development Index (HDI) value is 0.527 compared to the HDI of the UK, which is 0.939.

WER works in Pakistan with: Fazaldad and Human Development Centre.

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These are our current projects in PAKISTAN:

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Programme

WER, working in partnership with Human Development Centre-Pakistan has helped to fund interfaith grassroots training seminars.

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Human Rights Training and Advocacy

WER has helped to fund training and awareness of human rights in Pakistan. The Fazaldad Human Rights Institute is introducing its programme in to schools to educate and inform people of their basic rights.

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The factual information on each of the countries has been published in the United Nations Human Development Report 2005. Please refer to this document for more comprehensive information.

The FCO also provides detailed country profiles, explaining the history and politics of each of the countries. (FCO web site)