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Total population (millions)6.9
Life expectancy at birth (years)67.8
GDP per capita (PPP US$)2,665
Adult literacy rate (% age 15 and above)80.0
Combined primary, secondary and tertiary gross enrolment ratio (%)62

Honduras is the second poorest country in the region after Haiti. Poverty is worsening as a result of financial crises, the fall of coffee prices, government corruption, the effects of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, and international trade agreements.

Children make up more than half of the population. (53 percent of the population are under 19). Faced with extreme poverty, exclusion and abandonment, children in Honduras are suffering the effects of poverty.

Access to healthcare in Honduras is also tied directly to income levels. Those who can pay high costs benefit, yet for the urban and rural poor adequate health care is limited. Many Government clinics lack equipment, medicine and trained personnel.

The most recent Human Development Report ranks Honduras at 116, with a medium human development rating status. The Human Development Index (HDI) value is 0.667 compared to the HDI of the UK, which is 0.939.

WER works in Honduras with: Rescue Task Force and WER Honduras.

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These are our current projects in HONDURAS:

Medical & Maternity Care

WER is partnering with Rescue Task Forceto provide medical and maternity facilities in a remote region of Honduras.

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The factual information on each of the countries has been published in the United Nations Human Development Report 2005. Please refer to this document for more comprehensive information.

The FCO also provides detailed country profiles, explaining the history and politics of each of the countries. (FCO web site)