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Poverty is an EMERGENCY that threatens the lives of millions of children across the world.

Every day 30,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday.

Every year nearly 11 million children die – often from preventable causes.

WER sends food, medical support and aid to the world’s most vulnerable children who are caught in the midst of disasters and tragedies. Our resources often reach places where no-one is prepared to help, or dares to go.

As well as responding to emergencies, WER also works in partnership with local leaders to develop long-term solutions that are best suited to their local situations.

That’s how WER is giving children a living chance.

This life-giving work is something you can play a key role in. With your donation to WER you can bring positive change to communities in need and help give the world’s poorest children a future to look forward to.

Over 93 pence of every £1 you give to WER is spent directly on supporting projects and sending emergency aid to communities in great need of humanitarian assistance. And you can be sure that your donation to WER will reach the children who need it the most as we work exclusively with local partners we know we can trust.

Please give generously to help children break free from poverty. Your donation is vitally important. It will both save and change many lives.

β€œIn a changing world there are children who struggle to get through the day with the minimum for survival. Despite all this, we have been given hope. Hope to go on, to find ways to help our children grow as individuals with self-esteem. WER brings us this hope.”
Lucy Gacheru, Director of Hope Community Centre, nr Naivasha, Kenya.

WER offers a refund policy on any cash donation within 30 days of it clearing our bank. If you would like a 'no questions asked' refund or have experienced any difficulties in making a donation, please contact us: [email protected] or telephone 0844 249 2129. We want to ensure that all our supporters feel comfortable about the donations they make to WER.