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Can you tell me more about how to leave a legacy to WER?

Some WER supporters choose to remember the work of WER in their Will and leave a legacy to WER. This is a wonderful way of helping to ensure that WER’s life-saving work can continue to benefit children in the future.

Making a Will
An up-to-date Will is the only way to safeguard the future of those closest to you and to ensure that they inherit what you would like them to. Making a Will is usually a very straightforward process. You may find the following guidelines helpful:

  1. Find a solicitor or financial advisor. It is strongly advisable to seek professional advice when making a Will to ensure that your Will is legally binding and accurately reflects your wishes. If you need to find a solicitor you may find Solicitors Online or the Yellow Pages useful places to look, or perhaps a friend could put you in touch with a solicitor whom they have found to be reliable when making a Will.
  2. Make a list of all your assets and their approximate value. Your assets may include your house, savings, valuables, insurance policies etc
  3. Consider who you want to benefit from your Will and how you would like your assets to be divided. Family members and friends will probably come first. If you would like to leave a gift to WER in your Will, consider what you would like to leave to the charity.
  4. Choose your executors carefully. Your executors ensure that your instructions are carried out according to your wishes and can be a friend, relative or a solicitor. It may be a good idea to have a couple of executors in case one is unable to fulfil his/her duties.
  5. Visit your solicitor or financial advisor to discuss your plans and to prepare your Will. He/she will also advise you about the tax implications of leaving legacies to family, friends or charities.

If you choose to leave a gift to World Emergency Relief in your Will, please note the following details as these will be required by your advisor when you make your Will:
World Emergency Relief (WER)
20 York Buildings
Registered charity number: 1045672

Updating an existing Will
It is easy to make a new Will to account for altered circumstances. However, in the case of minor alterations, your solicitor will often be able to add a new section, known as a Codicil, to your existing Will.

How will my legacy be used by WER?
Your gift of a legacy to WER will be used to bring practical help and life-giving hope to disadvantaged and vulnerable children in need across the world. We would be delighted to use your gift where the needs of children and their families are the greatest. If you wish to leave a legacy to a specific country or WER project, it is a good idea to instruct your solicitor to request that funds be used where the need is greatest if, at the time of your death, allocating funds to a specific aspect of our work is not possible.

By leaving a legacy to WER you will be helping to build a brighter future for the next generation. You can be confident that WER will use your special gift to bring lasting and positive change to children in desperate need of our help.

If you have already included WER in your Will, or you are considering doing so, please do let us know. We would very much like to keep you informed of our work in many of the world’s poorest countries and to thank you for your invaluable support to WER. You can be confident that WER will treat any information you share with us in the strictest confidence.

If you would like further information on leaving a legacy to WER, please email Alex Haxton or call WER on 0870 429 2129

Link: Tribute to Charities

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