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What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a simple way of increasing the value of your donation to WER by allowing us to reclaim the tax on your gift. And it doesn’t cost you a penny! Providing that you are a UK taxpayer, WER will receive an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue for every £1 that you donate. This means that a £10 donation from you is worth £12.80 to WER.

Why is Gift Aid important?
Gift Aid is a tax-efficient way of donating money to charities. It is estimated that charities could claim an additional £900 million from the Inland Revenue each year if UK taxpayers were to Gift Aid their donations. Just imagine what a difference that could make to charitable causes!

How much extra will Gift Aid cost me?
Absolutely nothing! The only money that you will spend is the amount that you have chosen to donate. This means that if you have made a donation of £20 to WER, only this amount, and not more, will be deducted from your bank account. The extra money that WER can claim through Gift Aid is money that you have already paid to the Inland Revenue in tax.

Does everybody qualify for using Gift Aid?
You will qualify for using Gift Aid if you pay as much tax (income and/or capital gains) as a charity will be entitled to reclaim on your donation in the same financial year. For example, if you donate a total of £100 over a year and wish to Gift Aid this amount, you need to have paid at least £28 in tax in that financial year.

I’ve already made several donations to WER but I forgot to tick the Gift Aid box. Is it too late for WER to reclaim the tax on these donations?
Not at all! One single Gift Aid declaration can apply to donations that you have made in the last six years and to all future donations that you make. The sooner you let us know that we can claim Gift Aid on your donations, the sooner we can start to reclaim tax and to put this money to good use.

How do I let WER know that they can claim Gift Aid on my donations?
All you need to do is tick the Gift Aid box on WER donation forms and we can begin to claim tax back on your donations. Don’t forget that it’s a free and simple way of making your donation worth even more. Every extra penny that WER receives enables us to reach out to an even greater number of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. It is only through your generous support that we are able to continue giving children a living chance.

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