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I want to apply for a grant. What are the criteria for WER funding?

WER receives numerous requests for assistance from organisations working overseas and evaluates project proposals according to the following criteria:

  1. Is the need clearly identified and is it relevant to WER’s focus?
  2. Are the expected benefits of the project clearly defined? Is there a recognisable link between these benefits and an improved quality of life for children, their families and communities?
  3. Is the project economically and socially sustainable? Is there local support and involvement from the community and local authorities and are there other organisations part-funding or involved with the proposed project?
  4. What is the strength and capacity of the partnering organisation to receive grants, to be accountable for funds received and to communicate frequently and openly with WER?
  5. Does the partner organisation have first-hand experience of the needs at grassroots and local levels?
  6. Does the partner organisation have experience of working in the geographical area and of implementing similar activities? If this is a new venture, what past experience is there in humanitarian relief or development?
  7. Does the project have separate distinct items of work that can be evaluated and measured quantitatively or qualitatively? Do these activities clearly contribute to achieving the goal of the project?
  8. Does the project have a time frame which shows the necessary resources at each stage? Is there a clear start and finish to the project?
  9. Does the proposal show the staffing levels and recurring costs, and indicate how these are to be funded?

Please also note that WER does not fund individuals, church planting or missions.
Projects should preferably have a geographical proximity to other WER partners (in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean Basin and Eastern Europe) so that visits for project monitoring by WER staff are feasible.

Initial proposals should be no more than two pages in length and should include the following:

  • proof of registration and NGO status
  • description of the organisation (its history, aims and management structure)
  • description of the need, what will be achieved and over what time frame
  • details of resources that will be required and when
  • details of the long-term plans of the project/organisation
  • details of any local support (financial or in-kind) for the work and any other donors that are contributing to the project

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