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What makes WER different from other charities working overseas?

WER works with the vision of giving children a living chance. This means that, in our work with families and communities, children are always the focus of our work. We do not work exclusively in one geographical region but work across the world in response to those in need of assistance.

Partnership is at the heart of WER’s work around the world. Rather than imposing an outsider’s view of how a project should run, WER believes in encouraging communities to develop local solutions to their needs. We do not provide ‘quick fix’ solutions but are committed to long-term development. Emergency relief to disaster-stricken areas and GIK shipments often go hand-in-hand with development projects and we continue to support our partner organisations through monitoring and evaluation of ongoing programme work.

Over 93 pence in every £1 donated to WER is spent on direct charitable expenditure, thereby reaching those most in need of our assistance. WER takes time to build relationships with our partners and closely monitors the way in which grants are used to ensure that funds are used to bring maximum benefit to those in need.

With a small core team in the UK, WER always works through local people overseas who best understand the needs of their communities at grassroots levels. WER does not overlook small community-based organisations but recognises the benefits that working in partnership with them can bring to children and to the community as a whole.

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