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1: Why should I support WER?

2: What makes WER different from other charities working overseas?

3: How does WER raise its funds?

4: How much income does WER raise in a year?

5: How do we know how WER has spent our donations?

6: Why does WER prefer people to make regular gifts?

7: Can you tell me more about how to leave a legacy to WER?

8: What is Gift Aid?

9: How does WER decide which projects to fund?

10: How does WER ensure that grants given to overseas partners are used appropriately?

11: I want to apply for a grant. What are the criteria for WER funding?

12: Does WER work in partnership with other organisations?

13: What is Gifts In Kind (GIK)?



If none of these faqs provide you with an answer please send us your question and we will be pleased to answer it.

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