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WER is able to make a difference to the lives of children around the world through the generous support of its donors. There are many ways in which you can be involved and support the work of World Emergency Relief.

At WER we appreciate our volunteers, prayer partners, and financial supporters. Without this support we would not be able to do the work that we do. Thank you for getting involved with World Emergency Relief. It is together that we can truly make a difference. Together we are giving children a living chance.


World Emergency Relief values the skills and shared experience that volunteers can bring to its projects around the world. We are currently developing a volunteer programme so that we can maximise this support for our project work.

There will be opportunity for volunteers to be involved with projects on a short-term basis as well as long-term placements for health care and teaching professionals.

Previously we have sent students on a short-term placement to work with our project for street children in the Dominican Republic. Artists have been sent to Lithuania and Romania, using their skills in art therapy to stimulate children. Teachers have been sent to Burundi to work in our orphanage school.

Please contact us for further information. Alternatively you can download the application form.

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World Emergency Relief values the prayer support given for its projects around the world. We believe that prayers do make a difference to our work. Take a look at our prayer requests, and register as a prayer supporter. We really do appreciate supporters who are involved with this important, yet often behind the scenes work.


Regular giving from our supporters enables us to be consistent in supporting our projects around the world. There are many options in which you can donate to the work of World Emergency Relief. Some of our supporters like to give a regular amount each month. Others WER supporters prefer to give in response to an emergency or crisis appeal that we highlight.

We have an online secure donation facility, so you can start giving today at your own convenience. We can also take donations over the telephone or through the post. Please visit our Give Now page for more details on how you can start giving to WER.