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GIK to northern Uganda

WER has been working in northern Uganda for over five years, providing humanitarian aid and safe water to hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to ongoing rebel activity in the region.

Humanitarian aid

Working with local partner agency All Nations Christian Care (ANCC) and World Response, WER has helped to distribute tents, supplementary food and vital medical supplies to families living in the IDP camps. Bags of humanitarian aid, which contain goods such as soap, food and clothes, have been distributed to hundreds of families in the camps. A single bar of soap costs approximately half a day’s wages for someone who has been able to find temporary work and is, consequently, an unaffordable luxury for the majority of people living in the camps.

Community water provision

In July 2006 WER airfreighted a state-of-the-art drilling rig to local partner agency ANCC in Lira, northern Uganda, to help address the urgent need for the provision of safe, clean water in the camps.

The rig can drill to a depth of up to 200 feet and will enable ANCC to drill for water in camps where the water table was previously inaccessible because of the depth required to reach it.

WER has committed to funding the drilling of 10 water boreholes in IDP camps and communities in northern Uganda over the next financial year. In 2005 WER shipped water pumps to northern Uganda, along with storage tanks, pipes, a vehicle and a generator, and has provided funding for the drilling of more than 15 boreholes in schools, communities and IDP camps throughout Uganda’s northern district of Lira. A local committee responsible for the maintenance of one of the wells estimates that over 15,000 litres of water are pumped from the well every day and has reported a significant improvement in the health of the local children.

Mobile dental clinic

In collaboration with Dentaid, WER has provided a mobile dental clinic and a landrover for use in three IDP camps in Lira district. With a population of over 760,000 people, Lira district previously had only one dental unit, located in Lira town. The treatment provided by the mobile clinic is therefore invaluable in ensuring that the dental needs of those living in the camps are met. WER has also provided a cash grant in order to support the employment of a qualified dental assistant, ensuring that the dental treatment provided is of a high and professional standard.

For more details on WER’s work in Uganda, visit the Uganda country page


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