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GIK to Romania

WER has sent clothing for children and adults, bedding, soap, toilet paper and shoes to Romania for distribution to villages in the Danube river area following the heavy floods in Spring 2006.

WER was able to help the families in Chiselet, one of many villages in Danube that was affected by the floods in April/May.

More than 1,100 people lost their homes in Chiselet and now, even months later, many people are still living in tents provided by the Romanian army.

The lands they own and had houses on are not yet dry but the local authorities and the Romanian Government have begun to assist these people with materials to rebuild their homes on lands that were not affected by the floods.

The need among the people that lost their homes is still prevalent and WER is continuing to work closely with local partners to ensure that basic needs such as food, clothing and medicine is being provided to the 250 families in Chiselet that are affected.

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