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What is 'Gifts in Kind'?

Gifts In Kind (GIK) are quality donated goods which WER sends to overseas partners. GIK from WER varies according to local needs but typically includes quality goods such as clothing, educational materials, food and shelter provision, medicines and medical supplies.

In discussion with our project partners and local humanitarian and development agencies, WER assesses the needs and requests of communities in need and seeks to source the required goods from a global network of businesses and charities. These requests are also matched with offers we receive from manufacturers and wholesalers throughout the world.

Emergency relief & humanitarian aid

In times of crisis, such as the aftermath of an earthquake and other natural disasters, WER works together with local and international agencies to ensure rapid and efficient distribution of emergency aid, such as food, medical supplies and temporary accommodation, to those in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

Donations to communities in need often go hand-in-hand with long-term development projects within the community to ensure that all donated goods can be of maximum benefit to those most in need. WER only sends GIK overseas after carefully considering the impact that the donated goods will have on the local community and shipments are commissioned only after WER is confident that the goods will bring tangible benefits to children and their families living in need throughout the world.

Shipment of hospital beds arrives in Ethiopia

WER has shipped three 40ft containers of hospital beds to Ethiopia for distribution to rural medical centres and hospitals in the Tigray region of the country.

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GIK to Romania

WER has sent clothing for children and adults, bedding, soap, toilet paper and shoes to Romania for distribution to villages in the Danube river area following the heavy floods in Spring 2006.

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Emergency relief to Indonesia

WER has shipped more than 1.5 tonnes of emergency medical supplies to our local partner agency, Hope Worldwide Indonesia, for distribution to communities affected by an earthquake which struck the region on May 27 2006.

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GIK to northern Uganda

WER has been working in northern Uganda for over five years, providing humanitarian aid and safe water to hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to ongoing rebel activity in the region.

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Can I donate Gifts In Kind to WER?

If your company or workplace would like to discuss the possibility of donating GIK to WER, please complete our Corporate donations form online. Alternatively, please email WER or call WER on 0844 249 2129

Unfortunately WER is not able to accept Gifts In Kind donations from individuals.

Please note that WER does not take anything which is unsafe for human or animal consumption, such as expired medications or out-of-date consumables. We do not normally accept used clothing unless it has been adequately cleaned and sorted by gender, age and season.

Please visit our FAQs page for more information on GIK. If you have any further questions, please ask a question through our website, or email WER for further details.