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You may find these links useful.

BOND is a network of more than 280 UK based voluntary organisations working in international development and development education. WER is a member organisation of
DFID is the UK Government department working to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty.
Evangelical Alliance is an umbrella group that represents over one million Evangelical Christians in the UK. WER is a member of this
Red and Green Marketing provides project management, creative services and marketing
Micah Network is a world-wide group of more than 200 evangelical Christian relief, development and justice
BackBeat has partnered with World Emergency Relief for charity concert events.
Shelterbox responds to emergency and disaster situations around the world through the provision of tents and other emergency humanitarian
Tribute To Charities offers advice on how you can give to charities through your
AlertNet - humanitarian aid and disaster
UK Skydiving encourages individuals to participate in extreme sports and to raise money for good causes at the same
Grow Up Free From Poverty is a coalition of 21 NGOs and faith groups whose vision is to end the outrage of child
Nexus Drinks Systems are national providers of drink vending machines. For every box of Fairtrade coffee bought through Nexus, WER receives a £5
ImpACT (Improving Accountability, Clarity and Transparency) is a coalition of major charities who are working together to improve accountability and transparency in the charitable