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Sunderland business donation brings benefit to Kenyan community

18 December 2007

A Sunderland business has put thousands of its old uniforms to good use by donating them to one of Kenya’s poorest communities.



WER launches emergency appeal to deliver aid to Bangladesh

26 November 2007

WER is preparing an urgent shipment of humanitarian aid to Bangladesh in order to bring desperately needed assistance to the survivors of Cyclone Sidr.



WER delivers educational equipment to South African schools

29 October 2007

More than 15 tonnes of educational equipment is being distributed to under-privileged schools in the Paarl region of South Africa, thanks to a newly-formed partnership between WER and an enterprising group of sixth-form students from London.



WER kicks South Africa Football and Community Programme into play

24 October 2007

WER has launched an exciting new programme to help bring football and sport to young people in some of South Africa’s poorest communities as the country prepares to host the 2010 Football World Cup.



‘Worst floods in a decade’ spark fears of a major food crisis across Africa

24 September 2007

More than 600,000 people in 17 countries across Africa have been left homeless and in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance by what international aid workers are recognising as ‘the worst floods in a decade’.



Local teams assessing the needs of Indonesia quake victims

14 September 2007

WER remains in close contact with local partner organisation Hope Worldwide Indonesia as a full assessment of the needs of communities affected by the latest earthquake in the region is undertaken.



WER strengthens commitment to responding to Iraq crisis

07 August 2007

WER is shipping hospital equipment and medical supplies to Iraq for immediate distribution to medical facilities as the crisis within the country continues.



Charity watchdog votes WER ‘Top Ranked’ charity

26 July 2007

WER has been voted a 'Top Ranked' charity by Intelligent Giving after in-depth analysis of WER’s annual reports and accounts by the charity watchdog revealed WER to be one of the most open and transparent charities in the country.



London school mixes business with charity

17 July 2007

Three huge containers full of redundant educational equipment will soon be on their way to under-resourced schools in northern Uganda, Zambia and South Africa thanks to an enterprising group of sixth form students at Greenford School in Ealing, London.



Drilling deep for safe water… and a safer future

22 June 2007

Thanks to the commitment shown by our supporters, WER has been able to raise funds to provide life-saving water to some of the poorest communities in Africa.



WER donation to northern Uganda brings tangible benefits to rural health clinics

08 June 2007

Health clinics across northern Uganda are set to benefit from a WER donation of more than 800,000 pairs of surgical gloves.



WER responds to crisis situation in Sudan

25 May 2007

As the situation in Sudan continues to drift in and out of the world’s headlines, WER is preparing an immediate shipment of 45 tons of humanitarian aid and essential medical supplies for distribution to communities continuing to suffer in conditions of extreme poverty.



WER provides further support to Iraqi people

18 May 2007

WER is preparing a 40ft container of hospital equipment and humanitarian aid for shipment to Basra in southern Iraq. The container will leave Glasgow week commencing 21st May 2007 and will be distributed to local health facilities within Basra through WER’s partner organisation IRD.



Ill-gotten gains turned into humanitarian aid

26 March 2007

Police from West Yorkshire have transformed thousands of pounds of local criminals’ ill-gotten gains into humanitarian aid to help fight poverty in developing countries.



WER sends further supplies to northern Uganda to assist with IDP return to homes

28 February 2007

With news of the ceasefire coming to an end without any peace agreement being achieved, WER has this week shipped a further 20 tons of humanitarian and development aid to northern Uganda as part of the charity’s continued support for people affected by conflict in the region.



WER calls for greater international response to Iraqi refugee crisis

23 February 2007

While many governments are continuing to ignore the plight of Iraqi refugees, WER is increasing the provision of humanitarian aid to local partner agencies in Jordan and Syria who are working with Iraqi refugee families in the region.



WER helps boost healthcare in Malawi

21 February 2007

World Emergency Relief (WER) is this week sending a shipment of medical equipment and supplies worth £150,000 to Malawi.



WER strengthens commitment to Middle East relief work

26 January 2007

WER has strengthened its commitment to working together with local partner organisations in the Middle East following an evaluation visit to the region earlier this week.



Refugee situation causing widespread hardship in Jordan

25 January 2007

Concerns are growing at the level of hardship being experienced across Jordan as a result of the growing number of Iraqi refugees there, in what World Emergency Relief (WER) is calling a ‘hidden crisis’.



WER sends emergency shipment to Middle East as Iraqi refugee crisis grows

23 January 2007

World Emergency Relief is shipping essential humanitarian goods to the Middle East in response to the needs of millions of Iraqi refugees who have fled their country to seek safety in Jordan, Syria and surrounding countries.



WER launches emergency appeal for victims of Burundi flooding

19 January 2007

WER is shipping urgently requested emergency aid to Burundi in response to the needs of thousands of people who have been displaced by severe flooding in and around the capital, Bujumbura.



Emergency relief for Iraqi and Lebanese communities

21 December 2006

WER has shipped a further 15 tons of emergency humanitarian supplies for immediate distribution to Iraqi and Lebanese communities affected by conflict in the Middle East region.



Shipment of hospital beds arrives in Ethiopia

27 November 2006

WER has shipped three 40ft containers of hospital beds to Ethiopia for distribution to rural medical centres and hospitals in the Tigray region of the country.



Humanitarian aid for southern Sudan’s forgotten communities

24 November 2006

WER has delivered urgently needed humanitarian aid to southern Sudan where hundreds of thousands of people in remote communities continue to live in conditions of extreme poverty, with little or no support from international aid agencies.



WER update: further shipment of humanitarian aid to Middle East region

15 November 2006

WER is preparing a second shipment of humanitarian relief supplies for immediate distribution to Lebanese and Iraqi communities affected by conflict in the Middle East region.



Emergency relief supplies are cleared through customs following delays

31 August 2006

World Emergency Relief is pleased to inform supporters that relief supplies sent to Indonesia and Pakistan have been released and distributed to communities following delays in clearing the consignments through customs.



WER medicine donation arrives in Lebanon

15 August 2006

Urgently-requested pharmaceutical and medical supplies donated by WER are now being distributed to communities in southern Lebanon where the ongoing crisis in the region has left thousands of civilians in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.



WER works with South African partner to prepare for 2010 World Cup

10 August 2006

WER has signed a partnership agreement with Monte Christo Ministries in Paarl, South Africa, to develop a community sports programme as South Africa prepares to host the World Cup in 2010.



WER sends urgent medical supplies to Lebanon

04 August 2006

WER is sending urgently needed pharmaceutical and medical supplies to southern Lebanon in response to the needs of communities affected by the ongoing crisis in the region.



Emergency medical treatment and shelter for victims of Java tsunami

20 July 2006

Emergency medical treatment and shelter is being delivered to victims of Monday’s tsunami in Java, Indonesia, through WER’s partner agency on the ground, Hope Worldwide Indonesia.



WER launches cholera epidemic appeal

06 July 2006

World Emergency Relief (WER) has launched an appeal for development funds following the cholera epidemic in southern Sudan in April. Money raised from the appeal will fund long-term development work to help prevent future epidemics.



WER support brings safe water to displaced families in northern Uganda

16 June 2006

Thousands of people living in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps in northern Uganda are set to benefit from access to an improved water supply, thanks to a WER delivery of a state-of-the-art drilling rig.



Reconstruction of schools and homes in Indonesia

14 June 2006

WER is continuing to work with local partner agencies in Indonesia to enable the reconstruction of schools and homes following last month’s earthquake in the region.



Local partnership ensures rapid delivery of aid to Indonesia

30 May 2006

WER is working with local partner agencies in Indonesia to immediately deliver emergency aid to thousands of people left injured and homeless in the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake.



WER launches Indonesian earthquake appeal

28 May 2006

WER is arranging for emergency supplies to be flown out to Indonesia following Saturday’s earthquake near Yogyakarta in Java which has killed more than 4,600 people.



New maternity clinic offers hands-on training to midwives in Malawi

26 May 2006

WER is delighted to announce the completion of construction of the David Livingstone Memorial Maternity Clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi.



WER appeals for urgent response to cholera outbreak in southern Sudan

19 April 2006

WER is distributing emergency medical supplies to counties in southern Sudan where a cholera outbreak has killed hundreds of people within the last month. Many more people are now in urgent need of medical assistance.



Rebuilding in Guatemala continues

29 March 2006

World Emergency Relief announces extension to home rebuilding in Tecpan, Guatemala as part of their ongoing relief work following Hurricane Stan in October.



WER responds to Cholera Crisis in Ikotos, Southern Sudan

29 March 2006

Matthew Langol, Project Co-ordinator for WER in Northern Uganda, recently returned from a project visit to Southern Sudan. His report indicates the ongoing dire conditions in the region, many health centres are under-resourced; no beds for the many patients, and a lack of basic medicines have resulted in a lot of unnecessary deaths



WER support to South Africa continues to bring lasting benefit to children

09 March 2006

School children in one of South Africa’s most disadvantaged townships are set to benefit from donations of educational materials, thanks to WER.



WER sends urgent food supplies to drought-stricken East Africa

07 March 2006

WER is rushing food and medical supplies to local partner agencies in East Africa as the region remains gripped by the worst drought in a decade.



New homes for Hurricane Stan survivors in Guatemala

03 March 2006

Families in a remote Guatemalan community devastated by Hurricane Stan are set to benefit from new housing, thanks to WER funding.



WER and the people of Glasgow prepare to deliver more aid to northern Uganda

03 March 2006

As the humanitarian crisis continues in northern Uganda, WER with partner Glasgow the Caring City (GtCC) is preparing to ship two containers of aid from Glasgow in the coming weeks. Over the last two years WER and GtCC have together delivered twelve containers of desperately needed supplies to the region where millions of people are suffering in the midst of Africa’s longest running conflict.



WER opens safe home for disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic

01 March 2006

World Emergency Relief is delighted to announce the opening of the Doña Ana Safe Home for disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Alex Haxton, WER UK Director of Operations, will officially open the new centre on 3rd March 2006.



Emergency relief for Pakistan earthquake survivors continues

03 February 2006

WER is continuing to deliver urgently needed emergency supplies to families affected by last October’s earthquake in South Asia. Four containers of essential humanitarian aid arrived at Karachi Port in the last two weeks and two more containers, also bound for Pakistan, left Glasgow yesterday.



East Africa food crisis drives 200% hike in Ugandan food prices

20 January 2006

WER is providing urgently needed aid to northern Uganda as the current East Africa food crisis continues to drive up prices in Ugandan markets.



Building future opportunities for Roma children in Romania

12 January 2006

WER is helping to ensure that children from a disadvantaged Roma community in Romania are given a chance for the future through access to quality school education in Lazareni, western Romania.



Partnership is key to delivering aid to northern Uganda

02 December 2005

WER has been working in close partnership with ANCC for the past four years to respond to the urgent needs of people in northern Uganda who continue to suffer at the hands of the Lord’s Resistance Army.



Positive living for children and their families affected by HIV/AIDS

01 December 2005

HIV/AIDS is a global emergency which poses some of the greatest social, economic and health challenges the world has ever seen. More than 40 million people around the world today are living with HIV and five people die from AIDS every minute.



WER launches first mobile dental clinic in northern Uganda’s IDP camps

18 November 2005

Tens of thousands of people living in IDP camps in northern Uganda are set to benefit from free dental care following the launch of the region’s first mobile dental clinic by WER.



WER sends over £1 million worth of emergency supplies to Pakistan

03 November 2005

WER is still working around the clock to bring emergency relief to communities devastated by last month’s earthquake in South Asia.



Guatemala's legacy of guns

20 October 2005

The BBC has produced a feature report on Transitions Foundation, a WER-supported project for disabled people in Guatemala.



WER shipment of medical supplies to Pakistan

17 October 2005

WER is preparing an urgently requested shipment of medical supplies to Pakistan as fears of an outbreak of potentially fatal diseases increase.



Emergency relief to Guatemala

13 October 2005

WER is continuing to provide emergency relief to communities in Guatemala where thousands of people have been left homeless and in desperate need of humanitarian assistance following recent floods and landslides.



Shipments of food aid for families starving in Malawi

10 October 2005

WER is increasing shipments of food aid to Malawi in response to the need of hundreds of thousands of people who are starving in the Central African country.



WER ships emergency aid to Pakistan

10 October 2005

Containers of tents and medical supplies are being prepared by WER for immediate shipment to Pakistan following a massive earthquake which hit the region in the early hours of Saturday morning.



WER sends urgently needed funds to Guatemala

10 October 2005

WER has released funds to local project partners in Guatemala to assist with initial emergency relief efforts following landslides and flooding which have destroyed thousands of homes and claimed hundreds of lives across Central America.



WER sends vital supplies to IDP camps in Northern Uganda

07 October 2005

As the International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for five leaders of the LRA, tens of thousands of children and their families are still living in dire conditions in the IDP camps of northern Uganda, where sanitation facilities and access to food and safe water are often insufficient.



WER responds to Guatemala Hurricane Disaster

07 October 2005

Landslides and flooding have already killed more than 120 people in Guatemala, and the death toll looks set to rise as continued rains cause major mud flows and risk of further flooding in the region.



New WER research reveals low public confidence in G8 results.

14 September 2005

As world leaders gather once again to discuss global poverty issues, this time in New York at the UN’s 2005 World Summit (14-16 Sept), new research has revealed a startlingly low level of public confidence in the results of the G8 summit at Gleneagles in July.



Fire destroys homes in Northern Uganda IDP camp

15 August 2005

WER is responding to appeals for help from families in an IDP camp in Northern Uganda where a serious fire outbreak has burnt down more than 100 houses and left scores of families in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.



Make fair trade go further

14 July 2005

Nexus Drinks Systems is a national provider of FAIRTRADE Coffee vending machines. Its newly formed partnership with WER will make a tangible difference to children at grassroots levels in developing countries.



Romanian children reach out to the elderly

04 July 2005

Children who are benefiting from the Alta Sansa Education Centre near Bucharest have teamed up with an old people’s home in nearby Suigi to reach out to the elderly and to learn the importance of helping people in need.



Bianca Jagger backs child poverty report launch

09 June 2005

Humanitarian campaigner Bianca Jagger is endorsing the Grow Up Free From Poverty Coalition's report "Achieving Our Dreams for 2015". WER is instrumental in the report's launch at the House of Commons on the 16 June.



Award-winning photographer lives rough in Kiev to raise awareness of plight of Ukrainian street children.

28 April 2005

British award-winning photographer, Jax Murray, is spending several months living rough on the streets of Kiev to provide a unique photographic perspective of life on the streets and to raise awareness of an abandoned generation of children.



WER responds to local needs in Sri Lanka

27 April 2005

WER is responding to the need for emergency relief in communities devastated by the tsunami and has sent more than £6,000,000 worth of goods to Sri Lanka.



GIK proves vital for partner in Liberia

12 April 2005

GIK shipments are providing food and clothes desperately needed by orphans and impoverished children at the Hoover Village orphanage