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We would be grateful if you could remember the following requests in your prayers.

South Africa

Please remember the work of WER’s partner in South Africa, Manara Ministries, in your prayers. Pray that their work with disadvantaged children from the townships may continue to grow in strength.


Please pray for people in Sudan who are living in conditions of extreme poverty. Please pray that lasting peace and stability may come to their country. Please also remember the work of WER’s local partners in Sudan in your prayers as they continue their work to reach out to some of the world’s poorest people.

Orphans in Romania

Please remember the children and staff at Casa Ray Orphanage in Romania in your prayers. Please pray that these children may continue to flourish in the safe and loving environment provided at the orphanage and that the staff are given strength in their work.

Conflict in Iraq

Please pray for Iraqi people struggling to live with daily violence in their country, and for the millions of innocent people who have been forced to flee their homes to seek safety in neighbouring countries. Please also pray for WER’s local partner organisations in the Middle East who are dedicated to bringing life-saving relief to these suffering people.