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Transitions Disabled Centre: Education & Training

The Transitions project was founded in 1996 to support wound care prevention and treatment of disabled Guatemalans. It soon developed into a training centre for paraplegics, some of whom were gun shot victims and a few young people who had suffered childhood polio. Now this has developed into a broad range of programmes aimed towards all who have disabilities.

WER, in partnership with Transitions, has provided a centre for health rehabilitation and vocational and educational training services for disabled young people. Transitions are also providing education, therapy, and medical care to 50 mentally disabled children, as well as training in care provision to family members.

The Transitions Independent Living and Training Centre (ILC) has projects aimed at work provision and skills training. These projects include a wheelchair manufacture and repair shop; prosthetics and orthotics centre; and a desktop publishing and printing business.

Young men and women at the ILC also learn preventative health care and hygiene, administration and project management and other invaluable skills for social development.

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