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Alta Sansa Education Centre - Bucharest

Alta Sansa (which translates as Another Chance in English) provides security and supplementary education to children from disadvantaged families in Dobroesti, a community on the outskirts of Bucharest.

37 children, aged between 6 and 14 years, attend the centre every day and are divided into two groups according to their age. The children are encouraged with their homework and also enjoy a range of activities, such as cooking, art and learning about Romanian culture. The supplementary education that the children receive from Alta Sansa is enabling them to progress in the local state schools and all children attending have greatly benefited in the first few years of this project. Staff at Alta Sansa also work with children from the local community who show exceptional potential in their schoolwork to help them gain access to top quality schools in Bucharest.

Children at Alta Sansa are also taught the importance of sharing and helping others in need through activities such as visiting old people's homes and helping elderly neighbours with gardening work.

WER has recently funded a new school room at Alta Sansa and has provided humanitarian support to the centre and the local community, with donations including food, clothes and bicycles, as well as a van to transport the children. Summer camps, also funded by WER, provide the children with a welcome break from their urban community and broaden their experiences of life in Romania.

“If just one or two of my children are able to make something of their life, then I know this work is worth it.” Ana Maria, Founder and Director of Alta Sansa.

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