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Cosecha Trust: Education & Training

The Cosecha Trust, based in the town of Tecpan, provides supplementary education and training in sewing and enterprise development to people from remote Indian communities.


WER, through Cosecha Trust, has been supporting young people to gain access to mainstream education. Many of the children had previously been denied an education because of poverty.

The project provides young people, aged between 5 and 30 years old, with individual and group tutoring and financial support is given to children attending local schools. In addition to paying for materials for study and funding the salary of a local teacher, the project provides families of these young people with financial support and food to compensate for loss of earnings, since children are often expected to work on the land.

The young people continue to progress in their studies, aiming for Higher Education and University. Education is the key to a positive future, helping many young people to break free from the cycle of poverty and bringing long term economic benefit to the rural communities.

Sewing project

WER supports Cosecha Trust’s sewing project in which women and young people are being trained in design and production of local ‘Tipico’ goods. Many of these people are from rural villages, living below the poverty line and unable to survive from the small piece of land they own. The sewing project enables them to generate income.

As well as acquiring new skills for the work place, participants are given the opportunity to learn Spanish, helping to build their confidence and access to local markets. Some of the products from the project are being marketed in the UK and the USA.

The project has proved to be very successful and now supports a growing number of people. Many of the women are the mothers of children benefiting from the education project. Some of the women are widows, for whom the project is a crucial source of income. In this way, the project is improving the livelihood of children and families in the wider community.

Chicken farm

Gertrudis, a man from one of the poorest communities in Guatemala, is being supported in the rearing of chickens by Cosecha Trust, working in partnership with WER. This project is benefiting not only his family but the community as a whole.

Through this project Gertrudis is able to rear 1200 hens every eight weeks, which he then sells for meat. The income generated from these sales enables Gertrudis to support his large extended family. Chicks and the fertilizer produced by the project are then donated to members of the local community.

Gertrudis’ family and community are among the poorest of the poor in Guatemala and this project promises to benefit many people in the coming years.

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