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Emergency relief & humanitarian aid

WER is providing emergency aid to people in northern Uganda who have suffered enormously at the hands of rebel activity. Working with All Nations Christian Care (ANCC) and World Response, WER has helped to distribute tents, supplementary food and vital medical supplies to families living in the IDP camps.

Bags of humanitarian aid, which contain goods such as soap, food and clothes, have been distributed to hundreds of families in the camps. A single bar of soap costs approximately half a day’s wages for someone who has been able to find temporary work and is, consequently, an unaffordable luxury for the majority of people living in the camps. Access to water is also a serious problem in the camps – almost 40 percent of children living in the camps suffer from skin diseases because of a lack of water for bathing. Upon receiving soap from a WER distribution, one of the children in the camp remarked,

“This soap smells like it has medicine. My scabies will now be cleared!”

WER has also shipped hundreds of pairs of sandals to Northern Uganda, which ANCC have distributed to children in the IDP camps and in nearby secondary schools. For many of the children, these sandals are the first pair of shoes that they had ever had. The project co-ordinator commented,

“Sandals for children are a luxury. The cost is three days wages for those that can earn a little something and the parents from the camps must buy everything to survive, especially food.”

Gifts In Kind provides a valuable part of WER’s partnership with ANCC and is essential as we continue to respond to the needs of people living in IDP camps in Northern Uganda.

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