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Community Water Provision

Many communities in developing countries do not have access to clean and safe water and, consequently, are exposed to potentially fatal water-borne diseases. WER, in partnership with All Nations Christian Care, has provided several water bore holes in the region of Northern Uganda and two in the Jinja area, to the east of Kampala.

One of these boreholes is now providing clean water to children and staff at the Almond School. In Omito, in Northern Uganda, a well funded by WER is now serving people in a 2km radius catchment. A local committee which is responsible for the maintenance of the well estimates that over 15,000 litres of water are pumped from the well every day and has reported a significant improvement in the health of the local children.

This provision of clean and safe water has enhanced the health and well being of communities across Uganda and continues to impact the lives of thousands of children and their families.

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