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Education & Care of Street Children

Hope Community Centre near Naivasha, in central Kenya, provides education and a safe home to street children from Nairobi and Nakuru. To date, 173 children aged between 4 and 17 have been rescued by Hope Community Centre from life from the streets.

In 2006, 10 children from the Hope Community Centre completed their primary level education and have now gone on to study at a local high school.

Hope Community Centre has a variety of programmes for street children, including a Christian street children's choir and a sewing programme. The centre is helping children develop their literacy and is providing hope for many who have been living in a hopeless situation of prostitution and selling illegal drugs.

The main focus of the project is:

  • Education for street children, enabling them to access government approved education systems.
  • Preventative health care and nutrition for the children.
  • To provide shelter and housing for children in their orphanage.
  • Micro Enterprise Development to enable children to obtain skills for their future development.

In 2006, WER provided funding to build a new dormitory for the children.

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