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WER works in partnership with ARM Rwanda to help local people infected and affected by HIV AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a problem that faces many of the countries that WER is working in. WER believes in a holistic approach to help support communities living with HIV/AIDS.

ARM Rwanda is facilitating activities such as music and drama to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in provinces, schools, prisons and barracks. By raising awareness of attitudes and behaviours that heighten the risk of spreading the virus, the project is helping to prevent ignorance and denial of the epidemic.

The project is also providing medical care for 150 people. This includes medicines for opportunistic diseases as well as helping with basic hygiene and home-based care. ARM Rwanda also offers extensive social support and counselling for those affected by the virus. For many who suffer the loss of a relative, they are also challenged by the financial costs of a funeral. in these instances, ARM Rwanda offers support towards these costs.

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