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Street children

This project is reaching out to street children in Zinguinchor, southern Senegal. The boys come to the centre every day and are taught how to read and write. They also participate in organised games and activities. The number of boys benefiting from the project is increasing all the time and the centre now welcomes on average 150 boys a day.

One positive aspect of the project is an improvement in the children’s general behaviour. The children are increasingly attentive during their lessons and friendships between the boys have imrpoved as their overall feelings of self-worth and confidence have grown.

Funds provided to ARM Senegal from WER have enabled a classroom, workshop, kitchen area and shower and toilet block to be built. This has resulted in the project accommodating a greater number of boys, as well as offering them a much wider range of activities than was previously possible.

WER funding has also enabled ARM Senegal to provide the boys who visit the centre with a nutritious midday meal of rice, fish and vegetables. Two cooks have been employed to take care of the boys’ nutritional needs.

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