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Multipurpose Community Education Centre (MCEC) Chiang Mai

WER worked in partnership with Maryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful (MMAF) to reach out to disadvantaged children from minority groups who are unable to gain access to formal education. A Child Development Centre has been established to educate and prepare these children in the hope that they will access the Thai school system. Many of these children have been excluded from the public school system because of their poverty and illiteracy.

The project is committed to bringing hope to the lives of poor and disadvantaged children by providing educational opportunities to enable them to have a brighter future. MMAF provides 50% of the funding required for school fees for every child that attends the MCEC programme of preparation and is ready for entry to first grade. To date, many of the children benefiting from this project have gone on to study in the first grade of the Thai public school system.

WER provided a grant to enable the construction of a new auditorium, which the children can use for outdoor activities even in rainy weather, as well as a night care centre for children whose families work on the night markets. WER has also funded running costs and salaries for the project.

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