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Ntwasahlobo School, Khayelitsha Township, near Cape Town

WER and Glasgow the Caring City (GtCC) are partnering to upgrade educational facilities in Khayelitsha Township. The first school to receive assistance was Ntwasahlobo School. Three containers filled with school equipment have been delivered to the school since June 2004.

The headmaster, Nkosinati Mdeleni, described the scene and his own personal joy:

“At the end of the off-loading of the first container, every teacher had a minimum of 3 pieces of furniture for his or her class. The arrival of the containers has been exciting for the whole school. The best thing happened to me for the first time after 8 years as the headmaster of the school, during our morning briefing sessions, I was very much thanked for this effort I am doing for the school. This made me feel very good, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.”

Thanks to our partnership with GtCC, WER has been able to help provide this school in South Africa with much needed equipment, including bookshelves, desks, tables, chairs, blackboards and chalk.

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