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Africa Enterprise Trust Zambia (AETZ) - orphaned & vulnerable children

Rescue and care home for orphaned and vulnerable street children

In partnership with Africa Enterprise Trust Zambia (AETZ), WER has funded a rescue and care home, providing a loving and secure family environment where orphaned and vulnerable children are properly cared for and educated.

With over 20% of the population testing HIV positive, life expectancy in Zambia has fallen to 37 years. Sadly, the high death rate has resulted in a breakdown in the traditional extended family care system and an increasing number of orphans and destitute children are left to care for themselves.

AETZ has already established one home that caters for up to 12 children. They have rescued these children from the streets of Lusaka and placed them with a mother and father (Maggie and Lamson) who are providing them with a secure family environment. They all attend the local school and both parents have a teaching background. The vision behind this project is to provide children with a mother and father figure and to bring them into a family home.

Following the success of this first rescue and care home for street children, WER assisted AETZ with funds to develop and equip a second children’s home in the south of the city of Lusaka. This home opened in 2007 and is now providing a safe and loving home environment for up to 20 children.

Say YES preventative care scheme for orphans

‘Say YES’ is a preventative care scheme which ensures that children are placed with guardians rather than having to live on the streets. The scheme matches sponsors in the UK with orphans in Zambia and the money donated by the sponsors provides help for school fees and materials, food supplements and medicines for the children. This enables the children to be fed and educated without being an additional expense to the guardians with which they are placed.

There are currently 40 children who are being cared for through the scheme, all of whom are orphans. The children are visited every two months to ensure that the placement is working. Many more orphans who could benefit from this scheme are waiting to be enrolled.

WER also provided AETZ with additional funds to expand the scheme, including the employment of a staff member to visit the homes and schools of the children in order to assess the children’s needs.

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