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Humanitarian support to southern Sudan

WER is working with All Nations Christian Care Sudan to distribute humanitarian aid, including healthcare packs and food, to remote communities in the southern provinces of Sudan.

Following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January 2005, which brought Sudan’s 21-year civil war to an official end, scores of displaced familes have been able to return home to their communities. However, this influx of people has further stretched the meagre resources of southern Sudanese communities and thousands of families continue to depend upon humanitarian aid for their survival.

In 2006, WER worked together with local partner ANCC to respond to a cholera outbreak in the Ikotos region of southern Sudan. Emergency funds, medicines and medical supplies were provided, saving an estimated 280,000 lives.

WER has also provided funds for seeds and tools for farmers, together with training in effective farming techniques, to help Sudanese communities to combat the problem of long-term food insecurity.

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