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New Hope Orphanage

Many Congolese people have been forced to flee their home country because of the war and are now refugees in neighbouring countries, such as Rwanda and Burundi. In August 2004, a refugee camp in Gatumba, Burundi, was attacked by armed militia. Many children were orphaned in the massacre. Some of the orphans were taken in by host families but, faced with severe socio-economic problems, many of these families are no longer able to ensure the children’s survival.

WER has partnered with African Revival Ministries (ARM) Congo to set up an orphanage for the children whose parents were killed in the massacre at Gatumba refugee camp. The orphanage is currently caring for 42 children, 15 of whom are under three years old. The children live in small groups of six and each group is cared for by two women. These small groups aim to recreate conditions of life similar to those provided by a family structure. Many of the children are very young and are wholly dependent on the orphanage for their future.

By providing a loving and stable environment for these vulnerable children, the New Hope Orphanage is giving children a living chance.

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