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In partnership with ANCC, WER is helping to ensure that children living in the IDP camps in Lira district gain access to formal school education.

Northern Uganda has been heavily affected by the activities of the northern Ugandan rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), for the last two decades. Frequent attacks on villages, during which children are often abducted and forcefully recruited as child soldiers, have led many people to flee in fear to the IDP camps. Conditions within these camps can be very hard and sanitation facilities and access to food and safe water are often insufficient. Many schools have been evacuated and the school education of large numbers of children has been interrupted.

WER is providing funds for school materials and fees for 50 orphans at Almond School, a secondary school in the town of Lira. These 50 children are from the IDP camps and would otherwise be unable to attend school because of a lack of financial means. The school caters for 250 pupils, of which 215 are boarders, and the majority of pupils are boys. At Almond School, children from the IDP camps are able to interact with children from the local area and are given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and encouraging environment.

WER funding has also led to significant improvements at the school. Additional classrooms have been built and the provision of bunk beds has greatly improved living conditions for the pupils in the dormitories. In 2006, WER provided funds to enable construction of a dormitory for the girls at Almond school. This new dormitory now provides safe and secure accommodation for up to 120 girls at the school.

There is still great need at the school. Teaching resources at the school are minimal and pupils have almost no access to text books. School activities are further restricted by the unpredictable electricity supply.

WER has provided school materials including desks and textbooks, which have been distributed to more than 45,000 school children in northern Uganda.

Children living in the IDP camps in northern Uganda are the innocent victims of circumstances beyond their control. Working in partnership with ANCC, WER is committed to ensuring that these children are given hope, and opportunities, for the future.

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