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Facilitating communication

Police officers in Sri Lanka have struggled to undertake their operational duties in the wake of the tsunami, and the few vehicles available for use by police personnel were found to be un-roadworthy and dangerous. WER and GtCC funded the purchase of two motorbikes for police authorities in Hikkaduwa Police Office to enable the local police to better serve local people as they strive to rebuild their lives.

In conjunction with GtCC, WER provided laptop computers to Ceylon Relief Trust, Galle Police and Fire Department and local government offices, promoting better communication between these bodies and encouraging more efficient rebuilding of Sri Lanka.

WER also helped to fund a minibus which is used by emergency and reconstruction teams working in the Hikkaduwa area in southwestern Sri Lanka, including the Hikkaduwa Area Relief Fund, Ceylon Relief Trust, Galle Police and Fire Department and projects being supported through Glasgow City Council and Lord Provost’s Tsunami Appeal.

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