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Kids In Crisis - Lazareni

Kids In Crisis is working with children from a disadvantaged gypsy community in Lazareni, western Romania. There are approximately 53 families in the community, with two or three families per house. This means that there are often as many as 18 people living together in one or two rooms. None of these houses have toilets or plumbing and local people are required to walk long distances to collect water.

Kids In Crisis is helping children from this community gain access to mainstream education. The Kids In Crisis School consists of five classes, including a kindergarten class. Children are put into classes according to their study level, rather than their age, to ensure that all of the children receive the attention and help that they need.

Some of the children from the school have recently gone on to study at a local high school and all of the children are making good progress with reading and writing, often reading to their parents who themselves were never taught how to read or write.

WER has recently funded a security fence around the school. This is helping give the school the privacy and protection which it needs, as well as ensuring that the school and playground facilities are kept in good condition for use by the children.

WER has also provided funding for an additional building at the school which is now used as an office and staff room. This has enabled another room at the school to be used solely as a kitchen, thereby allowing staff the space to prepare hot food for the children during the winter months. In order to help improve the nutrition of children in the community, WER has also provided protein -rich supplements for distribution through the school.

Working with disadvantaged children all over the world, WER is giving children a living chance.

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