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Children with Special Needs

In partnership with Hogar Nueva Esperanza (HNE), WER has provided funds for a school for children with special needs in Santiago. Some of these children had been abandoned by their parents who did not know how to look after children with disabilities.

There are currently 7 resident children at the school, all of whom have severe mental and physical disabilities. There are also another 19 students who attend the school during a regular school year, with classes five days a week. Many of these children are autistic. At the school, the children are assured of expert supervision and care, as well as the love and understanding which is essential for them to lead happy and healthy lives.

WER has provided funds to HNE for the completion and furnishing of a new classroom building. In addition to this, a grant from WER has enabled HNE to employ two new members of staff, a psychologist and a social worker, who have the training and expertise necessary for ensuring that these children are cared for in the best way possible.

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