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WER policy is to work through local partners who have first hand knowledge of the needs in their own community. WER channels funds that it raises in the UK to undertake its three main activities:

  • Providing cash grants to projects in conjunction with local partners.
    These projects include: orphanages; rural healthcare schemes; education and care for the disabled; schools; medical centres; HIV AIDS education and care; micro enterprise and work skills schemes; advocacy and literacy.
  • Distribution of donated humanitarian relief and development supplies.
    WER works with local partners to assess the emergency needs in country, identifying appropriate supplies that best fit local needs. These supplies include: food, clothing, medical and agricultural supplies.
  • Capacity Building and community development.
    WER provides funds for local training and capacity building, WER is keen for local partner organisations to network and to learn and share expertise in the field. Local capacity building includes developing local management and accountability systems to monitor ongoing project work.

World Emergency Relief does not discriminate on grounds of religious belief, but works with all spectrums of society. Our priority is to help children who are in desperate need, working with partners who are giving children a living chance.

The financial support we receive is from individual donors who have responded to our direct mail appeals. Without our loyal supporters, WER could not have this positive impact on the lives of thousands of children across the world. If you too would like to be part of the World Emergency Relief family of supporters you can make a donation today. Alternatively you can register to receive email updates about our work.