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African children

WER works across the world in response to the emergency needs of poor and vulnerable people. Our ongoing development work covers the regions of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. WER’s work is not limited to these geographical regions as we continue to work across the globe to provide vital relief supplies in times of great crisis. Have a look at our Gifts in Kind section to see the areas we help.

In Africa, WER assists war and famine victims across the continent. We own orphanages and a clinic in Burundi. We are building a hospital in northern Uganda and we deliver food, clothing and medicines to refugees in Congo, Liberia and other crisis spots. In Malawi, Zambia and Senegal we are providing health care and education to rural communities.

In Asia, WER brings food and medical care to children living on garbage dumps and in outlying villages. We even provide medical support and school supplies. In Thailand, we help girls leave prostitution and give them work skills so that they can earn a living and support their children. We assist displaced women through providing 'safe houses' and through micro-credit work schemes. In Nepal we provide assistance to a maternity centre and women's health care initiative in the Humla mountain region.

In Eastern Europe, WER supports a centre for disabled children and youth in Curtea D'Arges; a centre near Bucharest providing supplementary education for disadvantaged children and an orphanage at Dobreni. In Bulgaria and Ukraine assistance is given to street children projects and also a project giving support to children and youth who are in prison.

In Latin America, WER provides food, medical supplies and teams of medical volunteers to help children and their families often in the remotest areas. In Guatemala WER helps disabled children and young people. We support training workshops so that the older children have skills and a career that gives them employment, enables them to be self-sufficient and have a value in society.

In the Caribbean Basin, WER helps young children escape street life in the Dominican Republic, giving them education and a lot of love, while turning them away from the tourist prostitution network.

Worldwide, WER delivers food to disaster victims, along with medical support and other basic necessities to help them survive tragedies, which are not their fault.

For a more comprehensive guide of WER projects and where we work, visit our world map.